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Training & Comments

Training & Development

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Training & Development

Bennett Landscapes offers a range of exciting employment opportunities. We are recognised for our commitment to staff development, training and the personal fulfilment of all employees.

There is an ongoing, focused development, there’s rarely a shortage of opportunities for enterprising landscapers to join our growing ranks.

We aim to provide training & development  for all our people, to gain the necessary skills and knowledge they require for the adequate and safe performance of their tasks and duties. 

We enjoy nurturing the potential of our workforce and offer regular training opportunities to improve their skill sets to not only benefit us but also to further our employees’ own careers.

Employees are given a clear development plan when working within the business, this ensures that the individual remains motivated and committed and we fulfil our obligation to the trainee in respect of clarity of career path and the development they will receive.  

Progress is regularly reviewed, in a proactive 2-way process so that both parties are agreed on the next stage of development . This inevitably increases motivation and commitment to the Company which are both proven to increase retention.

We have an active apprenticeship programme throughout the business, with varied opportunities to develop a career with Bennett Landscapes, for “hands on “ horticultural apprentices, as well as in the office management team. To develop a career with Bennett Landscapes, and for them to become valued members of our team.